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Happy New BLOG Year

In 52: A Writer's Life, Shelley Widhalm, Writing on January 6, 2013 at 11:00 am

Blogging is tricky.

A blog needs focus and to have a point, something that draws in readers week to week. But blogging also is a conversation, where bloggers read other blogs, make comments and hope those others will be encouraged to read their blogs.

I haven’t done so well on the conversation front and end up filing away blogs I mean to read. I tell myself I’m busy with work and writing a novel, which I finished in early December and started editing this month. But those are just excuses.

This year, I plan to read those blogs and others to engage in that conversation.

As for my own blog, I will continue to write about the writing process and topics of writing I didn’t explore in last year’s blog, “52: A Year of Writing Basics, Beliefs and Beauty.” I originally wanted to come up with something new and different that I (and few others) have not blogged about, but after some reflection, I decided I should keep blogging about my passion, that of writing.

I approached last year’s blog in a textbook format, trying to cover the writing elements in a somewhat orderly fashion – moving from plot, character, setting and dialogue to different types of writing, such as poetry and short stories. I researched each topic, taking notes and compiling information from my writer’s books and magazines.

This year, I will be more freeform in my choice of topics and will write about my own experiences editing my novel and preparing for my next writing project. I also plan to continue writing poetry and a few short stories, as well as enter contests. This, too, I will blog about.

I plan to leave my blog open ended, so that if I try skydiving or ice fishing (I am afraid of heights and hate being cold, btw), I will blog about it.

This year’s blog is called 52: A Writer’s Life.