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Missing Zoey

In Best Friends, Missing each other, Separations, Sleeping companions, What's important, Wrapped around Zoey's paw on September 26, 2010 at 4:51 pm

I don’t like that I have to leave my dog Zoey at my dad’s house, but after the fight with my mom, who I’m living with for the time being, I will have to do so (at least from Oct. 16, 2009 to October of this year, when I will be moving into my own apartment).

Zoey has been staying with me one out of every six weeks when my dad travels to Nebraska for treatment for his macular degeneration, as I’ve mentioned before. I visit my dad during one of the weekends in the interim if I can fit it with working every fifth weekend and whatever else comes up.

A few days before I pick her up, I talk about her more and get excited about spending time with my favorite girl. I love sleeping with her tight against my side and getting doggie kisses in the morning. We play after I get home from work and every once in awhile, she’ll accept being a lap dog for about five minutes while I read. But mostly, I sit on the floor to do bills or type on my laptop because she wants me at her level.

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a pushover, but at the same time, I’ve come to see Zoey as my best friend. I never feel lonely when I’m with her, but I will on occasion when she’s gone. Sure, I have friends, but they don’t want to play every day after work, now that we’re in our thirties. I miss how in elementary school, I could walk down the street, knock on my best friend’s door and ask, “Can you play?” Now, I have to call or Facebook, plus go through all these antics, just to plan a coffee outing. Life is so complicated being an adult. I miss the simplicity of childhood, and I love the straightforward relationship I have with my dog.

My sleep buddy

In First puppy, Kennel snubbing, What's important, Wrapped around Zoey's paw on June 20, 2010 at 8:10 pm

I went to a wedding the day I brought my new puppy Zoey home from a mall pet store. I couldn’t exactly put her on hold, nor did I want to take the chance that someone else might buy her. I loved carrying her through the mall, everyone turning their heads to see the tiny 2.8-pound dog in my arms.

When I got my 9-week puppy to the house, she explored, and then we played tug-of-war with her new rope toy and chase with her stuffed hedgehog and mini-tennis balls. I felt reluctant to leave Zoey on our first day together, but I didn’t want to cancel my plans and miss out on the fun, plus I wanted to keep my word and not cancel my “yes” RSVP.

My coworker and her sister picked me up at 4 p.m., so we could drive in one car to our friend Sarah’s wedding, where we ate, dance and partied until 1 p.m. I kept thinking about Zoey, hoping that she was doing okay, especially when she was in her kennel after my mom went to bed (I was living with her at the time after getting laid off, and though I was four months into my new job, I was worried about possible layoffs there).

I got home at 2 p.m. I showed off Zoey to my coworker and her sister, said my “thank you’s” and got ready for bed, then took Zoey out for potty time. She took 20 minutes, but I had a coat over my pj’s on that February night, so I didn’t mind waiting (I would later whenever it rained or I was really tired).

Back in the house, I kissed Zoey on the top of her head and gave her a hug. I put her to bed in her kennel, but she made this pitiful crying, whining and “I’m so abused” sound that I couldn’t take it anymore after about an hour of trying to ignore her. I turned on the light, took Zoey out of her kennel and warned her that this was the only night we would share a bed.

Zoey, however, wanted her way, and I’m a pushover. Her sad sounds got to me the next night and the third night, and that was it. She’s my sleep buddy and my best friend. She’s got me wrapped around her paw, and she knows it.