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My furry child

In First moments, Journaling, Journaling about dogs, Scrapbooking, Wardrobes on July 18, 2010 at 10:01 pm

I did not expect that when I adopted a puppy, that I would mistake her for a child. First, I bought her a mini wardrobe of a couple of sweaters, a coat, a skirt and T-shirts, all of which she refuses to wear. She slips out of her clothes by running and rolling on the ground, lifting up the middle of her back as if she has a great itch to get rid of the extra material. The task is easy for a determined, long skinny thing forced into clothes made for the chunkier, non-wiener shaped.

I then put together a scrapbook, using doggie and heart stickers on each page, of Zoey’s cute moments at play, in a basket, in a boot and asleep in her favorite spots, such as the back of the couch, the armchair, the floor in the sun and, as a last resort, her blue doggie bed.

Zoey’s other first moments got a place in my journal, like the time I waited outside with her during a potty break and she heard her first birdsong. She looked up, turning this way and that with a big look of wonder on her face, and then held still as she tried to determine the source of the mysterious warbling.

Another first moment was her mastery of the stairs, a moment my mother witnessed. My mother said that Zoey looked so proud of herself and was sort of strutting with a look on her face that said, “Boy, look at what I did.”