Shelley Widhalm

A Weight-y Matter

In Exercise, Not an easy task, Weight loss on May 29, 2011 at 8:28 am

Almost is better than not at all.


To try to meet last week’s challenge, I exercised every day, except for on Wednesday. That was because I slept in and couldn’t fit it in during my break, and I worked late.

Excuses, I know.

I am trying to get in better shape and, for that reason, joined a gym a month ago. With the help of a trainer (I hired one so I would learn to lift using the proper techniques), I noticed that some of the muscle mass I had previously developed through aerobics and biking is returning. My trainer calls it muscle memory.

I have not, however, lost one tiny fraction of a pound.

It could be because I like dieting as much as I like the idea of working a 100-hour work week or hanging out with two-plus spiders.

Despite my diet aversion, I am trying to think about My Pyramid, which disappointedly does not have a section in the triangle allotted to chocolate or ice cream. I am, albeit turtle pace slow, reducing sweets (bye-bye candy bars and gluten-free donuts), increasing fruits and vegetables (well, hello there grapefruit) and aiming for balanced meals, but it makes eating seem so healthy! I like to not think about it and just eat.

Logically, though, if I want to lose 20 pounds to return to my ideal college student weight, I have to make a few changes.

And this is how my exercise goal fits in neatly with my shyness challenge. I like hanging out where it’s comfortable, i.e. next to the refrigerator or decorating the wall with my flower-ness.

But change takes work, and so for next week, I have to continue on my path of better eating, continue exercising one hour a day (every day, not just when my trainer is there) and start a conversation with someone new who I’ve never met before. This person cannot be anywhere within my comfort zone, i.e. someone I would talk to as a reporter or a dog owner (my dog is a pet-me magnet).

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